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10:52pm 24/12/2004
my new name is limeinsomnia

and i have already added all the people who wanted to stay.. so add me back.

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10:48pm 22/12/2004
  hey hom'z

im thinking of getting a new journal, or not.. i havnt decided.. so if you wanna stick with me.. then let me know

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09:18pm 06/11/2004
mood: calm
hey, i want to know who was the one friend that had an entry awhile back about the masterbating techniques. I want to show my friend. haha
im odd.

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08:10pm 03/10/2004





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02:13pm 02/10/2004
  anyone wanna help me make a taking back sunday layout?


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10:23pm 01/10/2004
  frenchyoursushi: you know, to be perfectly honest with you, im about ready to cry right now... i thought you and i were like CLOSE and i could tell you anything and tell you i love you and you tell me you love me and we could just say fuck the worl and our problems toghettr. cause you know me and you aint all that diffrent and now you being the only person left of all my friends that i thought cared.. is trading me in. because you cant take it. well im sick and tired of my friends trading me in. Ive had a rough past. I could be 3 yesrs dead righjt now. but im not. im here in this sick place. i cant stand it anymore and im fucking sick of being left out and ignored I HAVE NO ONE NOW. and i am in need of someone now more than ever. and i have no one.

excuse my fucking grammer. Fucking excuse me.

frenchyoursushi: i have no family now
frenchyoursushi: none
frenchyoursushi: the family that i thought i had. just told me that they never really cared im sorry the exact words were "sable. I really need to tell you seomthing important, and it cant wait. I never really cared about anything. I never cared about you. If i cared I would never have let you do the things youve done... and i realize , that i probably never will learn to care.. im sorry"
frenchyoursushi: you know how sick i feel.
frenchyoursushi: you were the closet thing to family

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Fuck what you know   
10:44pm 13/09/2004
  We have just lost cabin pressure.

fucking cactus

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forget to mention   
02:34pm 20/08/2004
mood: cranky
I need piano tabs for "avenged sevenfold- I wont see you tonight part one"

yes. Piano tabs

Unlike you who play guitar and such. lol I am a cool loser.

If you can work the internet and can find this for me, I will make sweet sweet love to you're cold dead body

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pish posh.   
12:19am 20/08/2004

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okay if you dont do this, I will cry   
03:34pm 19/08/2004
mood: bouncy
If you dont do this
I want every single one of you thats on my friends list to comment and tell me the following:
your birthday
your age
your favorite color
and last but not least your favorite movie [and why its your favorite movie]

do this. and you will be in my heart for ever.

do it. no questions asked

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a reveiw of a cd Ive had for awhile   
12:00pm 19/08/2004
mood: exhausted
When Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler silenced At the Drive-In in the midst of its popular emergence, there was no question that the two artists would return with new music as exciting as their previous band. However, there was plenty of discussion in corners and over drinks about what, exactly, that music would sound like. It was clear that much more was happening under those Afros than biting, post-hardcore anthemics laced with psychedelia. In 2002, Rodriguez-Lopez and Bixler returned with the single "Tremulant," attributed to their new project, the Mars Volta. Its shifting soundscapes were certainly a hint, but with the Mars Volta's ambitious De-Loused in the Comatorium, it's clear the ATDI expats' mushroom-headed hairstyles hide bulging brains that pulsate with ideas, influences, and a fever-pitch desire to take music forward, even if they're occasionally led too far afield for the audience to follow. A concept album of sorts, Comatorium is a swirling ten-song cycle inspired by Julio Venegas, a childhood friend of the band who followed his fearlessness to a self-inflicted end. While the storyline is bewilderingly obtuse, it nevertheless unifies the album's wildly shifting sounds. Thrumming, Led Zeppelin-inspired pounding gives way to the thump of a free jazz bass punctuated with blasts of guitar squelch in "Drunkship of Lanterns." Meanwhile, the windswept landscape of "Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)" unfolds over seven minutes, revealing remnants of ATDI, fissures of glittering, confessional pop, and layer upon sedimentary layer of a shrieking Bixler, harmonizing with himself over vintage 1970s organ. All of this gives way to a gentle landslide of an outro, where an expressive guitar solo that would make Carlos Santana scratch his head threads its way between brooding bass. Later, Red Hot Chili Peppers secret weapon John Frusciante stops by for "Cicatriz ESP," which undergoes a full stop after its relatively straightforward (for these guys, anyway) beginning, reentering the atmosphere to the fiery strains of at least three concurrently soloing guitarists. Though the brief-by-comparison ATDI-ish "Inertiatic ESP" acts as an opposite to the epic "Cicatriz ESP," the band's ardent desire for re-creation is defined in the latter song's shifting folds and faults. But while De-Loused in the Comatorium may well remove the stigma from the prog and art rock forms it suggests, and is certainly a monument to unbridled creativity, it can also be seen as bombastic and indulgent -- much like prog has been in the past. Comatorium is exciting, to be sure. But in a way, it avoids answering that old question about the Mars Volta: What will the music sound like? - Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

the mars volta
De-Loused in the Comatorium

Good cd I must say.

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08:38pm 12/08/2004
mood: annoyed
okay since people can seem to fucking read.

I will fucking delete you're promotions from my journal. and i will put out a bad word for you're community so if you really wanna promote some shit to me. i have to grant you permission.

SO fucking ask me before you start commenting.

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10:04pm 08/08/2004

got my layout from Ripgurl_icons

go there now and request a layout or and icon.
theres a link in my profile.


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happy birthday sable!!!!!!!!!!!!   
04:42pm 08/08/2004
  oh my god, dude! we haven't talked in forever. anyway, i remembered that it was your birthday today and so i wanted to wish you a happy birthday. i accidentally washed your number and so i couldn't call you. otherwise i would have. anyway, i got you a present so we have to hang out so i can give it to you!!!!!!! anyway, i hope your birthday was awesome. give me a call when you're not busy. 429-9506.


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01:29pm 05/08/2004
mood: crushed
-weeps softly-

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new friends only banner. ahha!   
09:07pm 28/07/2004
mood: chipper

Eh hem. I beilive there are some comments to be added. go on, or be gone.

ana_saurus_rex thank you for the banner of sex!

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10:04pm 22/07/2004

Adopt your own Old Skool Adoptable!

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Weekend W/ Brandi   
11:59am 30/06/2004
  hey sabez. i'm headin' up to Port Huron with the fam to see brandi this weekend. very exciting ha ha. next time i go up i'm gonna bring you fo' shiz. anyway, i should be online more next week and if u get bored e-mail me. goodtosixes@comcast.net. we haven't talked in forever, man! we should go see napoleon dynamite. i swear to god that movie looks fuckin sweet. anyway, either e-mail me or give me a call sometime. 429-9506. ur the best.  

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